Muslim Gang Member Infiltrates Nashville Metro Police

Chief Anderson of the Metro Nashville Police Dept has been the subject of many articles regarding his political correctness, and romance with the Muslim community despite facts about who he was dealing with. Now, without saying we told you so Chief, it has been discovered one of those Muslims infiltrated the police department as a result of his relationship with the Kurdish Pride Gang.

Jiyayi Suleyman, who joined the police department in 2012 was praised as the first Kurdish police officer, solidifying that community with the police. So who is this young Kurd that came to America to escape the atrocities of his native homeland? If you follow us, you may recall the name Remziya Suleyman, who is Jiyayi’s sister. Remziya, who now resides in Canada, was the first executive director of the American Muslim Advisory Council,  (AMAC) and the American Center for Outreach (ACO). Both groups were simultaneously born in 2011 in opposition to an anti-terrorism material support bill, which was intentionally and falsely labeled by these groups as “anti-Muslim”, and bigoted. Remziya quickly reached out to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) aka Hamas to gain attention to fight this legislation.

Remziya and Jiyayi Suleyman


Remziya, the Muslim activist, was known for her relationship with Muslim Brotherhood organizations, so her brother being involved with a gang shouldn’t be shocking. Jiyayi  Suleyman is accused of illegally accessing the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations  (TBI) computer system to research other members of the gang. The Kurdish Pride (KP) gang first became known in 2007, when a grand jury indicted four members for conspiracy to commit first degree murder, where their leader at the time, Aki Nejad was accused of shooting at a park police officer who interrupted a drug deal. The Kurdish Pride gang is known for its violence, guns and drugs.

Some experts believe, and even excuse the formation of these types of gangs due to the regions they come from, and in Suleyman’s case being from a war torn country, claim it may be part of their nature to use violence rather than “conflict resolution”. Seriously? If anything, this just bolsters the narrative many refugees choose not to assimilate, but rather continue the lifestyle they fled.

Interestingly enough, those with loud voices in the Kurdish community, which is fairly large in Nashville TN, are once again being defensive instead of acknowledging the problem. Drost Kokoye, another Kurdish refugee, is blasting  law enforcement for “using” Suleyman to promote diversity.

Kokoye is a board member of the American Muslim Advisory Council, (AMAC) which the Metro Police utilize to train police officers. Kokoye clearly hates America, and the police, yet still holds a voice on AMAC. Worse yet, Chief Anderson still trusts AMAC.



Besides Jiyayi Suleyman being attached to the Kurdish Pride gang,  and using his access as a police officer to gain intel on his gang buddies, it’s important to understand Muslims who follow the life of their prophet can not be American law enforcement officers. According to the doctrine of Islam, Muslims may only follow and enforce the laws of Allah, not man made. This includes following the Constitution, and  the laws of our land.

Jiyayi Suleyman may have appeared to be an upstanding, devoted police officer, but in reality he infiltrated law enforcement to benefit his own. Americans must understand all “good Muslims” believe in the return of the global caliphate, where Islam and sharia law reign supreme. A good Muslim is one who obeys and adheres to the strict doctrine of Islam, and the life of Muhammad.

Once again, Muslims in America have been exposed for their dualistic, deceptive ways, but is anyone listening?


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