Dawa..The Islamic Weapon of Destruction


Every Muslim living in the West will stand in the witness box in the mightiest court of Allah (SWT) in Akhirah and give evidence that he fulfilled his responsibility as witness against the people (SHAHADAH AL-ANNAS); that he left tone unturned to bring the message of the Qur’an to every nook and corner of the country where he used to live. This is his obligation to Allah (SWT). Muslims living in the Western countries cannot avoid their obligation to bring Islam to the people of their respective regions as long as they are living in these lands.”

                                                     Methodology of Dawa Introduction page VII

Dawa is a religious obligation for every good Muslim to perform. You better learn it. 

Dawa, or the proselytizing of Islam to kafirs (non-Muslims)  is the most dangerous weapon being used today by Muslims in America. First, let me say the obvious, Muslims are human, with all the characteristics that draw us to other humans. The difference is, they adhere to an ideology that is antiquated, violent,  seeks world domination, and is antithetical to our Constitution and way of life.

Throughout the last several years, Muslim leaders like the late Muammar Ghaddify, and the Muslim Brotherhoods spiritual leader Yusef Al Qaradawai have stated there is no need for war, with swords or guns, but rather war and power through the tongue, dawa. Today, Muslims in America are waging that war under the banner of interfaith. Working with others that seek to change the demographics and culture of the Western world, including the United States, they are winning. 

Why?  Muslims learned after the horrific attack on 9/11 that violence only brought anger, mistrust and disdain for their communities, so they became victims. Victims in America are always supported and vehemently defended. Portraying themselves as religious, pious people who are victims, Christians and Jews rush to protect them, ignorant of the doctrine that eventually will kill them. 


The 2016 election results were devastating to those who were on the path to completely destroying America, including Muslims, wealthy socialists, communists and progressives like the Clintons, Obamas and George Soros. So as to not be lumped into the same category of the three mentioned, Muslims decided to take a different approach..through dawa.

 In Tennessee, dawa is accelerating and spreading rapidly. Capturing the hearts and minds of those in the Buckle of the Bible Belt, will make other states easy to change, and fall. Leaders of churches and synagogues are succumbing to the deceit spewing from the mouths of Muslims, who plant the seed Allah is the same god as yours. (Dawa)

Who better to lead the Islamic charge in Tennessee than a man whose mosque was burned down, and has played the victim card ever since. (Yes, we condemn the actions of those who burned a building to the ground, and they are serving the time for that crime.) Daoud Abudiab, was the leader of that mosque in Columbia TN, and is the founder of the Faith and Culture Center in Nashville.  The Faith and Culture center is the headquarters for the dawa being performed by Muslims across the state. Sounds harmless right?  Until you know who Daoud Abudiab is.

Remember the goal of dawa is planting the seed of Islam through proselytizing, which Muslim leaders have said was more effective than using swords or guns to overtake a society. In 2015, Daoud Abudiab was discovered attending a Muslim Brotherhood conference, hosted by the Muslim Brotherhoods first and little known political party in America, called the United States Council of Muslim Organizations. (USCMO) Not only is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization in the Middle East, they are active in providing support to groups like Al-Qaida, and Hamas.

                                           Abudaib with known members of Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S


Daoud Abudiab is leading the charge of interfaith dawa deception, and supports groups that want to overtake America. His organization, the Faith and Culture Center is also supported by the Open Society Foundation, a George Soros entity, who also supports the demise of America. That is the “faith” portion. The “culture” area is tied to the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) whose purpose is to empower and unify refugees and immigrants, whether legal or not. Defending the rights of those entering America illegally, rather than those already here is also part of the resistance movement. Until just recently, Daoud Abudiab was the Director of the Board of TIRRC. The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is also a recipient of grants from, who else, the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. 






A perfect storm is brewing from a perfect mix of Islamic “victims”, a political theocracy called Islam, and the ignorance of those who believe it. Dawa is not only dangerous, dawa is the weapon killing us with kindness. 










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  1. Had it not been for Creeping Sharia and fortuitous luck finding ya’ll might have not happen however searching for up-to-date relevant weapons of opportunity in my ideological offensive against Islamist organization most perpetual Muslim Brotherhood front group civilization jihad rights and public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas suffice it to say this crusader non gratis the best counter measures HR 732 reference Obama slush funding terrorist and latest seditious collusion especially for fatwa on president Trump fixing to get real good stumbling through the post Barry caliphate in blindly my technologically incompetence hook em ya’ll Dave aka @ rodeo rosary via Twitter

  2. We’ve all heard that money is the root of all evil. Every man has his price. Oh , it is true. Gov Haslam now running for Senate to take the seat of RINO Bob “anti -Trump” Corker. Amazing how these scum suckers, lowlife Muslim coddlers, could care less about us, it is the dollar they seek. Before you think of going republican, read this article on this very subject on Breitbart. Eye opener. I know a bit off subject. However in this declared war on civilization and the democracy in the west, it will give you more to talk about when some dam fool says Haslam is the man. As, Ms Cathy says, knowledge is power. Stay informed, stay alive.

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