American Muslim Speaker Preaches At Manchester UK Bombers Mosque

American Muslims are travelling the globe to inspire and teach young minds as well as seasoned ones about the doctrine of Islam. Considering the philosophy of these “teachers”, are they contributing to the mindset of terrorists like the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi?  Two Islamic  Usteds (teachers) from the United States recently embarked on a world tour, which led them both to Manchester England. Meet Yasir Qadhi and Nouman Ali-Khan. 

Yasir Qadhi, of Memphis Tennessee is the Dean of Academic Affairs and Instructor at the al-Maghrib Institute, which has 20 locations in the United States, but also a dozen throughout the world. al-Maghrib courses are accredited by theAmerican Open University, under the direction of Al-Azhar University in Cairo—the world’s largest Sunni institution of higher learning, which also adheres to the Wahabbi form of Islam.   Al-Azhar is the preferred institution by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has been home to many terrorists. 


Qadhi was one of the featured speakers for the “Losing My Religion” conferences promoted by MEND ( Muslim Engagement and Development) in the UK.  Nouman Ali Khan was another. 


Nouman Ali Khan is the founder of the Bayyinah Institute in Dallas Texas, another large establishment promoting Islam and Arabic “to the world”. Dubbed the “event of the year”, on the website advertising the conference, it spells out a rather bleak future for Muslims as they claim they are victims of so many things, blaming the west for Islamophobia, and Muslims supposedly losing their identity.  



Shortly after these talks, Qadhi continued on an 8 city speaking tour in the UK (including Manchester) for  Islamic Relief.  while Nouman Ali Khan spoke at other programs. It was  Ali Khan that delivered a lecture at the Didsbury Mosque on May 17, 2017 (full video below). This was almost a month after his participation in the “Losing My Religion” conference sponsored by MEND in London and Yorkshire. On the 17th of May, Salman Ramadan Abedi left Libya and returned to Manchester. Five days after the Nouman Ali Khan lecture at the Didsbury Mosque, Salman Ramadan Abedi strapped on a suicide vest and waited at the exit of a concert at the Manchester Arena as people started to leave. He detonated his vest killing 22 and wounding 119, many of them women and children

Salman Abedi and his family were known to regularly frequent the Didsbury Mosque. Several members of the family have been arrested and are being questioned about their involvement with planning of the bombing attack.

videoposted on YouTube shows a subject in the crowd at the East London Mosque the night Nouman Ali Khan gave a lecture on January 27, 2017. One of those faces bears a strong resemblance to Hashem Abedi, brother of the bomber.


                                  The subject on the left, Hashem Abedi, brother of Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi.
Hashem Abedi has been named as a participant the planning of the Manchester bombing and was taken into police custody in Libya.
Is the subject on the right (under the red arrow) the same subject? The picture on the right was from the video made in London in January of 2017. (above at 33:12) Was Hashem Abedi present during the lecture by Nouman Ali Khan at the East London Mosque in January? And we know Nouman Ali Khan lectured at Salman Abedi’s Didsbury Mosque in Manchester five days before the bombing that slaughtered 22 innocent victims at the Manchester Arena.
This is the same Nouman Ali Khan that spoke at Vanderbilt University  in Nashville TN, sponsored by the Muslim Student Association, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate. 

aki khan meet and greet at vandy

aki khan at vandy2
An American speaker at a mosque known to be where a suicide bomber sat, prayed and learned. Are the messages of despair like the “losing our religion” ones planting a seed in the youth attending?  Are Muslims like Salman Abedi  disgruntled and angry with the West after listening to these speeches? You be the Judge.

2 thoughts on “American Muslim Speaker Preaches At Manchester UK Bombers Mosque”

  1. Ms Cathy “THE WAR IS ON” London unarmed Police ran from attackers , leaving civilians at the mercy of the terrorists! This is how far Europe has gone. We will have to kill all these ISIS members that Obama imports along with stopping these liberal democrat judges. Anyone doubting this is living in a different dimension. Wake up folks, the Trojan horse is in the public square. World civilization is on the line. The Brits have no guns, confiscated. Best thank God for the second amendment.

  2. I have listened to all of the lecture I certainly did not hear any hate speech or anything which could make a listener feel the need to hate the west if anything the lecture specifically mentions those who don’t kill anyone are special to Allah. I can’t see why this lecture could be put on here and used to as hate speech??? If anything the man knows what he is talking about and is trying to educate the youth using Arabic text from the Quran and explaining the terms in simple English

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