The Left…Their Hate For America and Their Deception.

Looks can be deceiving…and they are when it comes to Charlottesville VA. While the leftist media is blaming white “nationalists” for the killing of an “innocent” peaceful protester, it’s time to peel the curtain back to see who is fueling the fire. 

With the election of President Donald Trump, came a resistance movement whose ultimate goal is his removal, and a complete demographic and cultural change to America. Never has a former president (obama) led such a campaign to divide and destroy our country, and to encourage defiance on every level.

With groups like Obama’s Organizing for Action, Indivisible, Black Lives Matter, and CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) America is being dismantled, all under the guise of  change and empowerment to those who feel “marginalized”, and white Christians are their target.  It is a huge network financially supported by enemies like George Soros. What started as a  protest to protect a historical statute, became chaos and carnage as the left’s puppets arrived to stir the pot, and cause confusion as to who was who.

However, it isn’t just the pawns that were there to cause problems, elected officials in Virginia are part of the resistance movement, and are rattling the cage as well. As the Gov of Virginia gave his message for haters to “go home”, a racist hater was standing behind him. Wes Bellamy, the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville just happened to be wearing a provacative t-shirt that said “menace II supremacy”.

Official after Official spoke out affirming their disgrace of those hateful protesters, while this racist stood and nodded in agreement. But it wasn’t just yesterday Bellamy’s hate for whites, gays, and women surfaced, he has a lengthy history of racist, sexist, hateful tweets. 

This is the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville VA. A Ph.d and a teacher who chose to wear a back pack with the words Black Panther on it as he arrived at a meeting to discuss the Unite the Right rally.  While some suggest it is a cartoon, obviously Bellamy feels there is a message to send. 


We may never know the truth about what exactly occurred Saturday Aug 12, 2017. The left, and its media have continued to spin that the driver of the vehicle that killed a protester was a “Nationalist”, however it has been suggested, he was a member of Antifa. What better way to make it look like the “nationalists” are true haters and murderers.  The bottom line is it’s all about Trump and the left’s agenda to make him fail.

The left, including its progressives, socialists, Muslims and other anti Americans want to end freedom of speech, anyway they can, at all costs. 

The left and its ilk will lie, twist and resist anything they can to cause chaos. How long will America stand for the deception?




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