Have We Learned Anything About Muslims in 2018?

 Probably not, but an end of year video released by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) also known as Hamas, shows what they have learned, and what their goal for the future is.

If you don’t get it, you need to quickly because while this video may appear innocent , it is full of propaganda and faces of those that hate America, and belong to organizations, like CAIR that want to dismantle and destroy what America is.

How does one gain sympathy and support in a nation full of caring, accepting, loving citizens? Become a victim. Americans love victims, and that is why Muslims have been successful in infiltrating government, education, law enforcement and our military.  

In this video, Islamists have clearly laid out their intended agenda all under the guise of being  victims.  Keep in mind, if you were looking to alter a society, these were things you would do and promote.

Noticeable in their video are what they deem to be accomplishments, when in fact they are demands that are forced to be met, settled by lawsuits and financial gains for Muslims.  From companies being forced to provide prayer time, (https://www.cargill.com/2018/settlement-reached-on-behalf-of-cargill-somali-american-muslim) to allowing free for all slaughter of animals during  Islamic holidays,(http://www.fauquiernow.com/index.php/fauquier_news/article/fauquier-islamic-butchers-event-goes-on-despite-challenges-8-2018)  concessions and changes have been made to only the advantage of Muslims.

Another goal is the “empowerment ” of Muslims so that they are enabled to run for public office. CAIR is grooming over 200 Islamists for 2020, and eventually will put forth a presidential candidate. Why is this bad? Muslims are not allowed to obey man made laws..e.g the Constitution of the United States. That is why they are sworn in with their right hand on a Koran, rather than a bible. 57 Muslims will now be in various political offices since their November 2018 victories.

Omar Ilhan Minnesota State Representative 

CAIR brags about the “swift pushback” whenever a claim is brought to them regarding anyone publicly speaking the truth about Islam. What that really means is CAIR is silencing the rights of Americans by deeming them to be haters, bigots or Islamophobes.  

Not only they silencing our freedom of speech, CAIR claims incidents of bullying and harassment have grown against Muslims, specifically since the election of President Donald Trump. What they fail to reveal is how many of these “incidents” are false. 




These are only 3 examples of the false claims that Muslim reported to law enforcement. There are many more. 

CAIR is an organization whose sole purpose is to force change within American laws and policies that benefit Muslims, rather than Americans. However to garner support and sympathy they align themselves with those like Black Lives Matter, illegal immigrants, and members of the gay and transgender community  that are disenfranchised and disgruntled with America by providing support, and  free services. 

CAIR is led by its National Director Nihad Awad who in this video clip from 1994, claims to be a supporter of the Hamas movement. HAMAS is a designated terrorist organization in the United States. 

CAIR is nothing more than a terrorist organization performing lawfare jihad. Wake up America before it is too late. They are at the door, will we continue to let them in? 

For more information on CAIR/Hamas click here   https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2016/12/02/c-a-i-r-is-hamas/

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  1. If Muslims in America have not converted to Christianity, that means they worship the Koran and want sharia law. Therefore, they are our enemy.

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