The Methodology of Dawa Is quite a find. As you read in part one of the Interfaith Scam, Dawa is simply the instrument Islamists use to convince others they are just like us, their god is the same as ours. Well, no it’s not.
The following excerpts are from the last few chapters in the “Methodology of Dawa.” Judge for yourself.

(pg. 117) Prophets’ day like Abraham’s Day, Moses’s Day, Jesus’s Day and
Muhammad’s Day (Peace be upon all of them) will be organized and celebrated by the Islamic Movement on national scale with seminars and symposium all over the country. In these gatherings the religious leaders/scholars of Jewish and Christian communities will be invited to express their views freely. The speeches will be followed by an open discussion in a scholarly manner. This will provide a good opportunity to attract the Judeo-Christian community in great numbers and put the correct status of these Prophets before them in a historical perspective. It will be presented in a very academic atmosphere, with no aggressiveness at all under any circumstances. This discussion will crystallize the position of each prophet as the Prophet of Islam and the people will have a unique opportunity to understand Islam in its true historical background. This will pave the way to present Islam to these communities as a continuity of the message from the Creator, each Prophet proclaiming, “be obedient to God alone and shun the evil forces
(Batil/Taghut)” (H.Q. I6:36).

Islam will thus be presented to them, not as something new but as the historical development of Judeo-Christian Islam which is neither traceable in the Torah nor in the Bible. The Qur’an will thus emerge as the only book of Guidance that bears the correct and up-to-date teachings of Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the only model to humanity to follow. This will also provide the valuable opportunity to portray the life and teachings of all the previous prophets, whose life and teachings had been distorted in the Old and New Testaments, correctly. The version of the Qur’an about these prophets is the only authentic account of their lives now available to mankind.

Islam will thus be presented to them, not as something new but as the historical development of Judeo-Christian Islam which is neither traceable in the Torah nor in the Bible.”

(pg.119) Through Contacts With Churches, Synagogues, Colleges And Universities: These are very important public platforms that must be used for the spread of Dawa when available, either on the invitation or by offering the services of the Da’ee to these institutions for presenting the viewpoint of Islam on various issues of the time The religious dignitaries and the learned teachers of Universities and colleges will also be invited to speak in the arranged open Dawa programs of the Movement on various issues and topics of common interest. The speeches will be followed by open discussions and Question/Answer sessions. This will give an opportunity to the Da’ee to thrash out the issue and bring the discussion to the desired conclusion
“arranged open Dawa programs and bring the discussion to the desired conclusion”
(pg. 120) Here in the educational institution, the teacher should be the top target. They are free, they have the time and they exert a lot of influence upon the students. If they are convinced about Islam as a way of life, they can motivate their students to that effect in great numbers. Teachers will therefore, be the special Dawa targets of the Islamic Movement
“they exert a lot of influence upon the students”.

(pg128) Service to humanity (to the common folk of the society) is perhaps one of the most effective means of communicating and delivering the message of Islam to the people.

(pg.129) Service to Elderly People There are about 60 million people who are above the age of 65 and retired from active service. Many of them are normally sick or incapacitated and confined to homes or elderly people care centers. They are a useful electorate

Service to Youth and Runaway Children- services will provide great opportunities for Dawa work among the neglected youth of the society
“Reconciliation Service to Battered Families” This counseling service to battered husbands and battered wives will ultimately bring them nearer to Islam. They will all feel obliged to the teachings of Islam that changed their lives and made their matrimonial life happier and rejuvenated.

Dawa is equal to another dirty deed of society, called drug dealing. Supply those in need with what makes them feel good, and they become hooked.


Just because the word “interfaith” indicates faith, doesn’t necessarily mean yours, but you can be certain it does mean Islam Interfaith is to our religious institutions like the words diversity and culture are to our Education system, a disguise called Dawa. Dawa is the proselytizing of Islam, an obligation that must be performed by all good Muslims. What is a good Muslim? To infidels or kafirs (all non-Muslims) it would be a pious person that ascribes to the doctrine of their religion, and is accepting, tolerant and respectful of fellow human beings. Not quite. A good Muslim will ascribe to their religious beliefs, which is summed up in the first pillar, the Shahada. “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the Prophet”. But looking deeper, they believe Islam is meant to dominate, not be dominated or equal to any other religion.

In a document called the “Methodology of Dawa” written by Shamim A. Siddiqui and published in 1989, the true objective is indisputably clear. There must be an Islamic Movement in the United States, and Dawa is the path to that goal. The below excerpts are from this book, and are some of the more revealing ones.

From the Introduction of the book (pg. 20) “That is why, it is very important that a full-fledged Islamic Movement is established in the United States of America and elsewhere in Europe and Latin America to serve the greater interest of Islam, the Muslim world and humanity at large. This is a game of strategy. We have to find out and create new friends for Islam and its cause on the side of the enemy, inside and at the rear of the forces fighting against Islam and its emergence as a force anywhere in this world is a future reality of great magnitude.”
Interfaith is a game of strategy.
(pg. 21)” A Muslim has to put all that he has either to change the society into an Islamic society or state or be perished for it. A Muslim has no other choice”.
Society must be changed into an Islamic society
(pg. 58) “Acting upon the foregoing process, the Islamic Movement will produce the team of workers which is essentially required to meet the following needs:
1. To accelerate the pace of Dawa Ilallah to a greater and greater number of people in order to bring more and more individuals to the fold of Allah(SWT) and increase the number of workers till the movement becomes a force to be reckoned with”
The movement becomes a force to be reckoned with.
(pg.59) “The workers of the Islamic Movement will have to mobilize a relentless war against immoral practices, drugs, pornography, alcoholism, racial discrimination, homosexuality, and other like these. They will have to educate the public opinion, warn the society about their horrible consequences and mobilize people’s opinion through meet-the-people campaigns”
Relentless war against immoral practices, such as homosexuality
(pg.59) “In the initial stage there may not be any opposition to Dawa work. For some time, the Islamic Movement of America may have some smooth sailing. But with the increase in Dawa efforts, in the number of activities and growth of the strength of the organization, the anti-Islamic forces will take notice of the multifarious activities of the Movement.”
The multifarious activities of the Movement
(pg.60) “Through this process, the Movement will penetrate deep into the hearts of the common folk, gain sympathy against oppression and generate a befitting counter-offensive campaign against the false propaganda of Batil. Simultaneously, the movement may also seek legal protection from the court for fundamental human rights to propagate what its adherents believe to be correct and to profess the same through democratic, peaceful and constitutional means”
Penetrate deep into the hearts of common folk, and seek legal protection from the court.

(pg. 109) The Christian community of America will need a special approach to make them understand their misguided concept about Jesus (PBUH). Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was also a messenger of God, as others were. He was born without a father as a miracle of God. There is nothing spectacular in it, if we believe in God, in His absolute power and in His total control over the natural phenomenon. He can create anything just by ordering “Be” and “it is done.” He created Jesus without a father. He created Adam without a father or a mother, and Eve without a mother. They do not ascribe the attributes of God to either one of them. How then, can they profess Jesus to be the Son of God. It is illogical and quite absurd. Jesus was a Prophet and a man. He had all the human needs and weaknesses. He ate food for his existence, slept for rest and did all the other things a human being needs for his survival. By their misconstrued conception innovated by St. Paul, Christians have made Jesus (PBUH) into a “Human-God.” This is clear idolatry. Making partners with God is a sin. He will never forgive this sin.

Each of these notions that have been captured in the first several chapters are evidence to the agenda, ideology and their position on the superiority of Islam. Interfaith = Dawa, not exactly the impression they believe all religions are equal.
Interfaith is a game of strategy.
Society must be changed into an Islamic society
The movement becomes a force to be reckoned with
Relentless war against immoral practices, such as homosexuality (remember they have embraced the gay community)
The multifarious activities of the Movement
Penetrate deep into the hearts of common folk, and seek legal protection from the court
Misguided concept of Jesus, Professing Jesus to be the son of God is Illogical and absurd

So far, the facade the Islamic community portrays as being open and respectful of your religion is quite untrue.

 Many Democrats in America have lost their minds. They are no longer pro America, but rather pro everything that stands against it. In Tennessee, the Buckle of the Bible Belt, a Democratic candidate for Congress in district 4 has decided to prove it. In a recently posted tweet, Christopher Hale has professed his allegiance to Muslims, despite being ignorant of Islam.

Hale seems to be leaving the rest of his constituents behind, as he promises to uphold rights for those who want drastic change in America. What’s even more frightening is his  support for the young socialist in NY,  then claiming he wants to change TN. 

Candidates like Hale are dangerous, and those identifying as Democrats in TN and America, need to research the person, and their ideology, not vote simply for the D label.  Proclaiming Muslims “are equal in the eyes of God” shows his lack of knowledge of those he supports. In Muslims eyes, no one else is equal, but rather Muslims are superior. Hakim Mayfield Rah  with Nashville Masjid Al-Islam has made several posts on social media which infer allah is the only god, and this, elluding the Christian God is a trick. 


In a document called the Methodology of Dawa, by Shamm Siddiqui, the protocol for how to perform this religious obligation is thoroughly put forth, including the following which declares their god to be supreme.

 To me, it appears as the fate of the American people. They are in need of
some ideology. It is we the Muslims who are here by Allah’s will to
provide that opportunity to this great nation which is humiliated
everywhere due to lack of a superb ideology of its own. It matters little for
the Islamic Movement as to whether it takes one or many decades to make
the ideology of Islam prevail over the mental horizon of the American
people. The action must be taken now. The Movement must be set out
forthwith. The struggle for making Allah’s Deen dominant must take
shape without any further lapse of time.

In the Quran, there are several directives for Muslims not to even be friends with Christians and Jews. 

We could continue on, but you get it. As Omar Ahmed the co-founder of CAIR/Hamas stated

” We are not in America to be like other religions, but rather to dominant over other religions”

Hale really doesn’t stand a chance, but his just running for office should concern you.  It is weak men like him, along with organizations like the TN immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, (TIRRC) and the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) that believe in open borders, rights for illegals and are pushing for a complete demographic change. 

Hale is a danger to our Republic, and the State of Tennessee. Research before you vote, remember Knowledge is power!


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is finally being exposed for being the real hate group in America. What once was a source for information on extremists and civil rights within the United States, has in the last several years devoted its efforts labeling anyone they disagree with a hater. Hate has been redefined to fit their agenda, which also serves the goals of the left.. to divide Americans on every single issue. 

Make no mistake, the “poverty” in their name is a lie. They don’t serve the poor, instead they use their images and plight to promote their propaganda.  According to their own financial reports recently in the news, the SPLC has more than $92 million in offshore investment funds. So what community is reaping the benefits of that money?  None! The SPLC loudly proclaims to defend those disgruntled and marginalized , yet in reality they are only interested in altering their history. 

Tearing down confederate icons, and renaming institutions that bear the name of civil war heroes doesn’t benefit the black community whom the SPLC claims to be the guardian for. It erases their history, and without history, mistakes and tragedies will occur again in the future.

Thankfully, the SPLC is being exposed for the fraud it is. The Family Research Council In Washington DC, has released a letter calling for the SPLC to be discredited and viewed as the dangerous, hateful organization it is. Please share this information with your law enforcement agencies,  businesses and any individuals that believe in their mission.

We, the undersigned, are among the organizations, groups and individuals that the
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has maligned, defamed and otherwise harmed by falsely
describing as “haters,” “bigots,” “Islamophobes” and/or other groundless epithets. We are
gratified that the SPLC has today formally acknowledged that it has engaged in such
In an out-of-court settlement announced today, the Southern Poverty Law Center
formally apologized in writing and via video for having falsely listed Maajid Nawaz and the
Quilliam Foundation as “anti-Muslim extremists” in one of the SPLC’s most notorious products,
The Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists. It also agreed to pay them $3.375 million, tangible
proof that the SPLC, which amounts to little more than a leftist instrument of political warfare
against those with whom it disagrees, fully deserves the infamy it has lately earned. For
example, in addition to its settlement with Nawaz and Quilliam, the organization has had to
disavow multiple misstatements and other errors in its reporting in the past few months.
Journalists who uncritically parrot or cite the SPLC’s unfounded characterizations of those it
reviles do a profound disservice to their audiences.
Editors, CEOs, shareholders and consumers alike are on notice: anyone relying upon and
repeating its misrepresentations is complicit in the SPLC’s harmful defamation of large numbers
of American citizens who, like the undersigned, have been vilified simply for working to protect
our country and freedoms.
With this significant piece of evidence in mind, we call on government agencies,
journalists, corporations, social media providers and web platforms (i.e., Google, Twitter,
YouTube and Amazon) that have relied upon this discredited organization to dissociate
themselves from the Southern Poverty Law Center and its ongoing effort to defame and vilify
mainstream conservative organizations.
Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) Jerry Boykin
Executive Vice President
Family Research Council

William Becker
Freedom X law

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
Founder and President
The Ruth Institute

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

Peter M. Friedman
Pleasant Hills, California

Elaine D. Willman, MPA
Willman-Davis Intergovernmental
Resource Services

Brian Camenker
Executive Director

Dr. Bill Warner
Center for the Study of Political Islam

Frank Gaffney
Founder and President
Center for Security Policy

Dr. Christopher Hull
Executive Vice President
Center for Security Policy

Clare Lopez, Vice President for
Research and Analysis – Center for Security

Cathy Hinners
Security Advisor and Founder

David Barton

Tim Barton
President and COO

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Eunie Smith
Eagle Forum

Austin Ruse

Christopher Doyle
National Task Force for Therapy

Philip B. Haney
DHS Founding Member & CBP
Officer (Retired)

Tom Trento
The United West

Pamela Geller
Editor in Chief – Geller Report
President – AFDI

David Smith
Executive Director
Illinois Family Institute

George Rasley

Jim Simpson
Freelance Investigative Journalist
and Author – The Red-Green Axis

Louie Johnston, Jr.
Founder – Patriot Pastors,
American Constitution Center

Trevor Loudon
Author, Filmmaker, Speaker

Shahram Hadian
The TIL Project Ministry

Michal Cook

Trayce Bradford
Texas Eagle Forum

Tim Wildmon
American Family Association

Marissa Streit

Michael P. Farris,
President, CEO and General Counsel
Alliance Defending Freedom

Dr. Karen Siegemund
American Freedom Alliance

Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.)
Jessie Jane Duff, Senior Fellow – London
Center for Policy Research

Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government

Sandy Rios
Host – Sandy Rios in the Morning
AFR Talk Radio

Gary Bauer
American Values

Dr. Frank Wright
President and CEO
D. James Kennedy Ministries

Dale Wilcox
Executive Director and General Counsel
Immigration Reform Law Institute

Ken Cuccinelli
Former Attorney General

Dr. Tom Barton, MPH

Brigitte Gabriel
Founder and Chairman
ACT for America

Peggy Dau
Civil Rights Activist

J. Christian Adams
Public Interest Legal Foundation

C. Preston Noell III
Tradition, Family, Prop


“Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.”

                                                                                                                         Islamic Law: Reliance of the Traveller: page 746-8.2

  The doctrine of Islam promotes lying and deception if the outcome is to attain a goal. The goal is to make Americans believe Islam is superior and free of all the evils plaguing our society. Muslims also use deception to frame narratives which eventually lead to lawsuits, usually with the premise the defendant in the suit  discriminates against Muslims.  Muslims have an obligation to bring about the global Caliphate, no matter what it takes. 

This appears to be the case as the Muslim Brotherhood’s largest front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), posts a message on their Face Book page declaring Chick-fil-A will be serving halal food at their upcoming conference. Chick-fil-A is a Christian based business who has stated the following when asked if they did in fact serve halal products: “Because of our immensely diverse guest base, we are not able to tailor menu items that reflect all individual preferences, including religious restrictions.”  **


ISNA isn’t the only Muslim Brotherhood group to tell the tall tale, the Muslim Student Association at Virginia Common Wealth University also suggests the Chick-fil-A on their campus sells food Muslims can eat.

So why should anyone care about who sells Halal food ? First, halal means “permissible” in Islamic law.  In order for meat products to be halal, this is what happens:

• The animal to be slaughtered must not already be dead.
• The animal must not be a pig.
• The slaughterer must be a Muslim.
• The animal must be positioned to face Mecca.
• The slaughterer must place a blade on the throat of the animal.
• The slaughterer must proclaim, Bismillah, Allahu Akbar!” 
• The animal’s throat must be sliced through, severing its carotid arteries and jugular veins.
• All of the flowing blood must be allowed drain from the animal.

“Bismillah” means “In the name of Allah,” while “Allahu Akbar!” means “Allah is Greater!” Halal meat comes from animals that are sacrificed “in the name of Allah,” who is declared “Greater” than the gods of all other religions. This is blasphemy to Christians who worship the only true God. 

Many halal certification companies often funnel money to  Islamic charities that in turn support jihad. As we have witnessed, jihad in its purest form, is performed by ISIS and other ruthless Muslim groups that behead and slaughter Christians throughout the Middle East. While millions of American believe halal to be healthy, more humane choices, they are being deceived by what halal really is. If you believe in supporting terrorism, then by all means continue being ignorant and supporting anything halal.

So how do you know if a product is halal? Look for these symbols, or any sign in Arabic. Many labels are extremely small, and hard to read. The bottom line is to refuse to purchase those products, and then express your feelings to the executives of those companies. Unfortunately, money is always the bottom line, and halal products are very profitable.

So is Chick-fil-A being set up as the Muslim Brotherhoods next victim? Yes it could be. In an interesting twist, at the same time. CAIR, (the Council on American Islamic Relations aka Hamas), in Massachusetts received a $100,000 dollar grant from the Cumming Foundation as a give back to the Muslim community. CAIR intends to use this money to hire additional legal help to fight against businesses that they believe discriminate against Muslims.  Many American companies have in fact been sued by CAIR for several different reasons. Those include Truth Hardware ( Ariens (,  DHL (, and the NYPD ( These  are just 4 of hundreds of frivolous law suits filed by CAIR to disrupt business policies in America. 

The Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in America continue to show their true intentions, which is to force Islamic laws upon America which are antithetical to our Constitution. Will Chick-fil-A be next?

Only time will tell.


**On Monday, June 11, we contacted Chick-fil-A by phone and spoke to a customer care representative to express our concern. As of today, June 13, we have not heard back from them. They did however respond to our social media comments. 


The women’s movement occurring in America today is a fraud. What it should be called is the leftist, progressive, socialist, Islamist  women’s movement, and unless you are a woman in that category, you are out. Today, let’s look at the Muslim female activists role. Wait, under the doctrine of Islam, women are oppressed, and are considered second class citizens, so surely any “activism” would not be tolerated. In Islam women are not equal to men.

From the Hadiths and Sira:

Al-Tirmidhi 3272 – “When Allah’s Messenger was asked which woman was best he replied, ‘The one who pleases (her husband) when he looks at her, obeys him when he gives a command, and does not go against his wishes regarding her person or property by doing anything of which he disapproves’.” 

 Sahih Bukhari (6:301) – “[Muhammad] said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence.”

So, as we see more and more Muslim women publicly promoting womens issues as they exist in America, it’s not feminism, it is called Dawa, or the invitation to join Islam. Dawa is a religious duty for every Muslim to perform. So what does Dawa have to do with the women’s movement? Taqiyya, or the art of deception. Women in the role of an activist have one goal, to make others believe Islam is the only religion, and Allah the only creator. 

Keep this in mind as we fast forward to May 2018. In the city of Nashville TN, a black woman, Carol Swain, a former professor at Vanderbilt University is running for mayor. Carol Swain, is intelligent, articulate and has the character to faithfully execute the position she is running for. She is also a Christian. The first week of May, a women’s organization, “Women in Numbers” endorsed Ms. Swain, agreeing she was highly qualified for Mayor. 

According to the Women in Numbers website, they claim: 

On May 6, 2018, the Women in Numbers organization withdrew that support, and Carol Swain had this to say on social media:

“This weekend, without reason, the ‘non-partisan’ organization Women In Numbers rescinded their nomination of my candidacy for Mayor. My team has since made many attempts to contact WIN, however, they have not returned our request for information about how and why the decision was made.

We have spoken with several sources within WIN, who have requested anonymity because of fear of retribution. The sources have stated that WIN rescinded the endorsement under pressure and for political reasons. This is just another example of the state of politics in Davidson County and in our country.

We are not deterred by Women In Numbers’ decision. I will continue to fight for the right of all Nashvillians to live and work in a safe and affordable environment.” – Carol M. Swain

Interesting. Probably one reason they rescinded, and do not wish to discuss is who part of that pressure came from. The American Muslim Advisory Councils (AMAC) Chair woman..Zulfat Suara, a self proclaimed woman activist, who had this to say on social media:

So why did Ms. Suara state this? Because of an article Ms. Swain wrote which included some remarks about Islam. This is fact. The majority of Islamic organizations within the United States are Muslim Brotherhood front groups. The dangers of radical Islam, are in fact a danger to our children. The question  is why do Muslims like Ms. Suara not want to protect America from radical Islam? With the threat of radical Islam rearing its head in the form of terrorism, why would Ms. Suara and her group AMAC not agree with Ms. Swains statement? 

Ms. Suara then thanked those that had emailed or called WIN to express their outrage over their support for Ms. Swain

This is what the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) does. They will deny their involvement, but once the smoke settles, they will acknowledge they participated in the campaign. Just as they did in Feb of 2018, as then candidate for Gov, Mae Beavers attempted to hold a Homeland Security Summit, which was abruptly cancelled because AMAC labeled the speakers “Islamophobes”. 


AMAC’s board members, like Ms. Suara, use influence they have gained using dawa, to gain sympathy and support, to silence and shutdown anything or anyone that has spoken about Islam, and Islamic organizations. Ms. Suara is vice chair of the Business and Professional Women of Tennessee. 

This is only a sampling of the influence by victimhood AMAC and it’s board members use. Women in Numbers clearly caved to pressure brought on by Ms. Sulfat, (AMAC), showing they are in fact biased and issue based. They obviously agreed Ms. Swain was a well qualified candidate for Mayor of Nashville..what changed their mind? You be the judge.

 The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) once known for its work on actually providing information on groups that posed a threat within the United States, including the KKK, is now a version of what they have accused others of for years, a hate group. A white, very wealthy, hate group worth $136 million dollars, with $430 million in an endowment.

The goal of the SPLC is to demonize and dismantle individuals and organizations, especially women,  that represent traditional, conservative values and morals, all the while refusing to designate groups that kill, maim and terrorize.   

While on one hand the SPLC protects Muslim organizations and individuals, often promoting their bogus “hate crimes”, they throw other Muslims under the bus, solely because they are exposing the barbaric, antiquated practices of Islam.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  a Somali-born Dutch activist, raised as a devout Muslim,(now former Muslim) has been targeted by the SPLC, as she fights for rights for Muslim women. Ali’s own experiences are the premise to which she fights, especially female genital mutilation (FGM), which is an uncivilized, crude practice that occurs to young Muslim girls, even here in the United States. One would think an organization such as the SPLC would be championing her story and cause, rather than demonizing her.In this case, by labeling Ayaan Hirsi Ali a hater, it oppresses thousands of young Muslim women, keeping them under the thumb of an inhumane and savage custom. It also has caused a divide among women, as millions of naive, well.. stupid women thinks it’s ok because the SPLC protects it. 

While the SPLC stands with the vicious Black Lives Matter group, it slams former Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain (who is black) as being a “white supremacist apologist” and and for comparing Christians who seek to defend their rights to members of the Islamic State. As the SPLC claims to be about tolerance, and social justice, it is only those who align with the far lefts version the SPLC praises. 

In June of 2015, the SPLC made the decision to publish a list of twelve women in the United States who they labeled “anti-Muslim” activists. The author of this article, and former director of the Intelligence Report, Mark Potok, has publicly stated “our aim in life is to destroy these groups,completely destroy them.”    This article didn’t destroy anyone, but rather empowered them. I know, because I am one. What it did accomplish though was putting a target on each woman’s back,by revealing the city or town of residence. Little does the SPLC know, all the women listed, including myself, are strong, powerful women, who don’t fear being labeled. Just the opposite, as most have continued with revealing the truth about Islam. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center is all about protecting and projecting the destruction of what America stands for. It has joined forces with those who claim to be disgruntled and disenfranchised, despite the affiliations they hold. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Council on America Islamic Relations(CAIR), are just part of the network working hard to silence women. 

Psst..It isn’t working.

Unless you are a far left woman activist, or radical female Muslim, the SPLC hates women. 





The American Muslim Advisory Council, (AMAC) in Tennessee is nothing more than an arm of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) aka Hamas, and if you think they have the best interest of Tennesseans, or Americans, in mind you are sadly mistaken.  In 2011, when AMAC was first formed, it’s public purpose was to oppose legislation drafted as an anti terrorism material support bill. AMAC’s stated position was it was  anti-Muslim, and anti-Islam, despite that being false. Facing backlash that the Muslim community was not in favor of a bill that protected Americans made them rethink their purpose, which resulted in AMAC reaching out to law enforcement and other local and state government agencies to “build bridges”. 

Burning bridges is more like it. 

On May 2, the Big Payback was the day where people could donate to non profits. AMAC promoted 10 reasons why Tennesseans should give to their organization. Their  “mission” statement on the Big Payback website doesn’t exactly align with their campaign. 



“Empowering” Tennessee Muslims doesn’t exactly sound inclusive and a way to build bridges with other communities.  


Number 3 is especially disturbing, as AMAC reveals who they are partnering with. TIRRC, the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, has received thousands of dollars from the George Soros Proteus fund, to continue work changing the demographics of TN, to include rights for illegals, such as voting and drivers licenses.  Project South actively participates with socialist groups and the Highlander Research and Education Center, a well known communist organization.  

Number 4 is an example of why they partner with those listed in Number 3. Socialists, Communists, and Islamists share the goal of suppression of free speech. Cancelling a Homeland Security Summit, goes back to AMAC’s lack of concern for Americans as they oppose anything that exposes their agenda. 

For those curious if there is a “Christian”, “Jewish”. or “Buddhist” day on the Hill, there is not.  AMAC clearly wanted Tennesseans to know they met with candidates for political office (Harwell and Fitzhugh are running for TN Gov,) but also to lobby against bills.  As a registered 501c3, lobbying is acceptable to a degree, but has AMAC stepped over the line?

Keep in mind, Metro Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson , and Davidson County Sheriff Darrin Hall elect to use AMAC to train their cadets.  

Clearly AMAC is anti law enforcement. Board member Drost Kokoye  has this to say about police

 AMAC is not what they profess to be. They are deceptive, bigoted and many board members are supporters of Muslim Brotherhood organizations. 

They claim to be locally funded

Yet accept money from the global anarchist, George Soros

Thanks to Gov. Haslam, and his Commissioner of Homeland Security, Bill Gibbons, AMAC has been legitimized and accepted. Lets make sure AMAC becomes history after the upcoming  TN elections.  


See more details on AMAC here


For Muslims in America, running for political office is not about making America great, it’s all about revenge.

                    Washington Post


One of the most hotly contested seats is for Governor of Michigan, where many cities have fallen to the Islamic agenda. Abdul El-Sayed, a doctor, is running against Bill Shuette, and several other republicans who Muslims label haters and bigots. Sayed, is backed by Muslim Brotherhood supporters, including radical activist Linda Sarsour. Sayed himself is in attendance at this conference which was for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), where Sarsour calls for jihad against the President of the United States. At 12:06 in the video, Sarsour urges Muslims to support Sayed.


Michigan is home to two of the largest cities where Islam is predominant. Dearborn and Hamtramck. Muslims claim there are more than 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States, but yet they hold just two of the 535 seats in Congress. And they are winners. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and Andre Carson of Indiana, who both are also involved with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many Muslims are being encouraged to run for local offices, specifically school boards. As many are aware, for the last several years, parents and community leaders have been fighting a textbook battle in every state regarding the disproportionate amount of time spent on Islam. Not only are textbooks loaded with inaccurate and false information about Islam and their prophet Muhammad, teachers are taking students to mosques to learn even more. The comment below was from a former Muslim on Reddit

Electing Muslims on local school boards will bolster the goal of indoctrinating American children, as they believe Islam should be a  major part of the curriculum, even in public schools. Muslim women are also being urged to run for office, to prove their diversity and continue the farce women need to be empowered. What is interesting about so many Muslim women running for political office, is the way they are portraying themselves, some as victims, others as pious, religious Muslims wearing the hijab.

Hadiya Afzal, an 18 year old college student is running as a democrat in IL, but claims she is running for “all” people.  Rashida Tlaib, is running for Congress in Michigan, and claims to be progressive. This picture of Tlaib with an attorney for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) speaks volumes. CAIR aka Hamas, is a danger to America.

Fayrouz Saad, a former Obama appointee, also is running for Congress in Michigan. Saad, a self proclaimed “progressive Democrat” is supported by a Muslim organization called Emgage. Emgage’s sole purpose is to “mobilize” Muslims to address Muslim issues.

There are several more Muslim women in the races across America, this is just a sampling. As you can see, there are two issues Muslims running for public office are promoting, Muslims and resistance. It isn’t about America, it’s about Muslims. Note: Many Muslims are running for office in Michigan, home to 2 cities controlled by Muslims.

As mentioned before, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson are 2 Congressman who are Muslim. Both have supported, and attended the Muslim Brotherhood’s first political party within our country, the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO).  Use this as a gauge on how they feel about America. Disgusting.



 “The Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

Sun Tzu

Muslims in the United States have vowed for a “Muslim Blue wave” to occur as campaigns and elections for coveted positions begin. Currently, there are over 90 Muslims running for public office, all described as “democrats”, with some in high profile races. So why must they be defeated? First one must understand why Muslims want to obtain positions of power.  In order for a Muslim to be considered “good”, they must imitate, and follow the life of their prophet Muhammad.  To most kafirs (non-Muslims) that would be someone who is pious, ascribes to their religious beliefs and is tolerant and respectful of others. Not quite. Muslims do ascribe to their beliefs, which can be summed up by the first pillar of Islam, the Shahada..”there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet”. Looking deeper, Muslims believe Islam is meant to dominate, not be dominated or equal to other religions.

In many countries in the Middle East, Islam is in fact the only religion allowed, with others being persecuted or killed if they choose not to convert. ISIS, who many Muslims argue has hijacked Islam, has in fact followed Islam to the T, following the footsteps of their prophet by using violence to convert people to Islam. In the United States, Muslims learned after 9/11, violence was not the answer as the backlash was swift and fierce, with many learning the truth about Islam, and spreading the word.

The Shahada is the religious aspect of domination, while the Muslim Brotherhood has specifically outlined the methods to be used on how to acquire it. This document is the foundation to which good Muslims are using to create the stated goal, the return of the Caliphate, or the Islamic State (world).

So as to not use violence as their means for domination, An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America, explains the details of how to accomplish it. This document, along with several others was discovered in a raid conducted by the FBI in preparation for America’s largest terror funding trial, the Holy land Foundation, in Dallas Texas in 2007. It is stamped and was placed into evidence in this trial which resulted in 109 indictments and several lists of un-indicted co-conspirators.

This is an excerpt from this document, which sums up the entire goal


This is why Muslims must be in positions of power, hence why so many are running for public office.  “From within” is easy, as they use our own laws and rights against us. Once elected, they will have more influence and power to effect the change needed to return to the Islamic world.

Muslims who have already taken the oath of office, have done so with their hand on the Quran. Ok, before you say the Bible is also used by those elected into office, you must understand the difference.  Yes, Bibles have been used throughout history, but not as a means to swear allegiance to God, but rather to swear they will uphold the laws with a God as their witness. The Constitution does not require this. Nothing in the Constitution requires that the oath of office be taken on the bible, neither do the words “so help me God appear in the oath.  

When a Muslim takes an oath of office in the United States on a Quran,it is meaningless. According to, a site with answers given by Islamic scholars, citing Islamic law, it states:


Muslims believe Allah is the supreme creator of all things, including laws. Muslims may not follow or enforce laws created by man. Therefore, when taking an oath on a Quran, reciting the words they shall uphold the law and the Constitution (or any words used in American oaths) it is invalid according to Islamic law. It is nothing but deception when a  Muslim takes an oath, therefore they are not required to obey or enforce our laws and Constitution.

Here, Muslim Somalian Ilhan Omar takes the “oath” not only on the Quran, but the largest version. Omar, was the first Muslim to be elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives.

This is the first of many deceptions by Muslims in America. In Part 2, we will breakdown those in office, and some high profile Muslims running for office.