America is in trouble. For years, a quiet enemy has been sowing its seeds, and now they are in full bloom. Literally in our backyard, this book names individuals,organizations and the terrorist groups they are associated with. Learn how and why the infiltration and indoctrination is occurring and read the Muslim Brotherhoods own plan for America, which was presented as evidence in a federal trial known as the Holy Land Foundation Trial. This is not just another book on terrorism, but rather a compilation of their own words from their own documents and social media. Do you know who is in your own backyard?




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An outstanding book that informs the reader of the Muslim encroachment on our country and culture in every way possible. Basically, the Muslims are putting a full court press on the USA while our politically correct politicians and news media are doing their best to accommodate them while keeping Americans ignorant of the changes taking place in our country. This book will open your eyes!

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Cathy knows her field, and she does her research to back up whatever she is stating; he footnotes provide websites, books, etc. This should be required reading for all those people who believe we should open our doors to immigrants and let them in by the droves. Islam will take over our country if we don’t stop the flow.

By Gderf

on October 16, 2016

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Islam is more than a religion; it’s a way of life, a blueprint for social order. Cathy Hinners provides this warning of the Islamic threat to the US, spearheaded by establishment and domestic support of the Muslim Brotherhood promulgating the principle of Dawa. Dawa, emphasizing jihad as the Quranic duty of every Muslim, is a proselyting movement to expand Muslim control of populations living life according to sharia law. The book cites a four step process for expansion: infiltration, consolidation of power, open war on leadership and culture and finally establishment of totalitarian Islamic theocracy. Hinners convincingly cites evidence of the first three aspects in the US with further progress in Europe, especially France. She sees Islam expanding into Western culture including the USA. However, Americans losing jobs, insurance and soon freedom, though exacerbated by immigration, can’t be attributed to the MB.
Radical Muslim Brotherhood members find large mosque audiences in which to spread their message. Hinners points to alliances between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Lives Matter movement as well as with Hamas. She says that political correctness is the driving force behind nave Americans relating to the Muslim Brotherhood. Currently this results in a demand for 10,000 Syrian immigrants while suppressing dissent by pejoratively terming it ‘Islamophobia.’ Islamic extremism is rooted in religious doctrine. Sharia is supreme over secular order. Religion is all powerful in controlling behavior.
Under the Quranic principle of jihad, it is the duty of all Muslims to spread Islam and kill the infidel, wherever he is found. The world is divided into the realm of Islam and the realm of war. There is no place for democracy, and human rights is considered subversive. Dissent or even questioning is severely punished. Children in Madrassehs are taught that American equals immoral an indoctrination being spread to American public schools. There is no such thing as freedom of speech, which contradicts Islamic principles. Yet most Muslims think sharia law is an answer to the world’s problems.
The Quran is intolerant of non-Muslims. There are a number of suras in the Quran that derogate both Christians and Jews. It’s a partnership with Hamas who concentrate on the war against Israel. The wish is to follow Quranic injunctions for jihad in spreading sharia law throughout the world. Apologists work hard to justify a horrible legal system and blame terrorism on poverty.
The book contains a study of Muslim Brotherhood organizations promoting an Islamic agenda in the US. The United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) is a political party formed by the Muslim Brotherhood in 2014. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) seeks to spread Sharia law in the U.S. The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) is part of ISNA and is an Islamic trust in the U.S. that holds titles to hundreds of Islamic properties and mosques. The International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) authors pamphlets and lesson plans to promote Islam in public schools. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) has chapters at college campuses throughout the U.S. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) with members in law enforcement, city councils and federal agencies, funds the Holy Land Foundation to support Hamas. The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) is involved with law enforcement training. The American Center for Outreach (ACO) is a lobbyist group. Connecting Cultures (CC) focuses on sensitivity training and education. Hinners, a former law enforcement officer attempts to list observations of activity from these organizations that can signal terrorist preparation.
The book is very one sided, but the alternate viewpoint is available daily in newspaper editorials attempting to whitewash the role of religion in violence, as well as many books. A Muslim view of Islamic based violence can be found in the well written work ‘Heretic’ by Ayaan Hirsi Ali which serves to show that critics of Islam are not bigots. This book is based research and recent history that backs up Hinmer’s contentions. It’s a very strong case against our naively altruistic view of Islam.

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Sharia for Non-Muslims

 By Bill Warner- Islam is a political system with its own body of laws called Sharia. Sharia law is based on entirely different principles than our laws. Many of these laws concern the non-Muslim.

What does Sharia law mean for the citizens of this state? How will this affect us? What are the long-term effects of granting Muslims the right to be ruled by Sharia, instead of our laws? Each and every demand that Muslims make is based on the idea of implementing Sharia law in America. Should we allow any Sharia at all? Why? Why not?

How can any political or legal authority make decisions about Sharia law if they do not know what it is? Is this moral? The answers to all of these questions are found in this book













The Hadith


The Hadith The Koran repeatedly commands every Muslim to follow the perfect example of Mohammed’s life. His actions and words are called the Sunna. The Sunna is found in the Traditions of Mohammed called the Hadith. A Muslim is far more governed by the Hadith than the Koran. The Hadith give us fascinating accounts about Mohammed. We know what he looked like, his sense of humor, his superstitions and how he ate. Details about his sex life, family life and leadership are all recorded. If only the Koran existed, there could be no Islam. The Koran does not have enough information to practice Islam, but the Hadith has all that is needed to follow the example of Mohammed as a husband, a father, a leader, a warrior and the perfect husband. The Hadith is an easy place to begin learning about Mohammed and Islamic doctrine












The Life of Mohammed

Mohammed’s life is an epic story. He was an orphan who rose from poverty to become the first ruler of all of Arabia. He created a new religion, new methods of war and a new political system including a legal code, the Sharia. Mohammed was the world’s greatest warrior. Today no one wages war in the name of Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon or any other military leader. However, every year many people die because of Mohammed. After 1400 years, Islam is more powerful than it has ever been. Mohammed said that one day all of the world would live under his rule of law.

To understand Islam, you must know the life of Mohammed. Every Muslim’s desire is to live a life identical to his. His every word and deed are the perfect model for being a Muslim. Every Muslim is a Mohammedan. The religion of Islam is not about worshiping Allah; it about worshiping Allah exactly as Mohammed did. This book is unique. It is concise, but it is completely authoritative. The reference system allows you to verify all information.