The time has arrived. 

In the four stages of Islamic conquest, one of the major objectives by Muslims is the intentional effort to undermine the host government and culture. While there are many other ideologies grasping for the eventual power grab, the Islamists have managed to embrace them all, from the socialists, Communists, and those who they label “marginalized”. 

Welcome to the third stage. No longer are Muslims in America concerned with their”peaceful” image, or blending in with American culture, no, now it is about promoting a caliphate, but do millions of Americans have a clue? No they do not. 

On Oct 18th, in cities across the United States, Muslims gathered to celebrate and oppose the latest travel ban  attempted by President Trump to be implemented for the security of the American people, which once again liberal courts struck down. 

One of those Muslims speaking at a rally in D.C was self proclaimed activist Linda Sarsour, who at the end of her speech declared the streets as “our streets”.   

We no longer can just listen to what the Islamists say, we must hear  them. 

All Muslims that follow in the prescribed footsteps of their prophet Muhammad must push for the caliphate, where Islamic law is the only law of the land, and Islam the only “religion”. Because of their religious designation, masses of Americans have accepted their beliefs,even empowering them as they take to the streets. Urging citizens to defy and resist what they call a white supremacy administration, is jihad. Jihad in Arabic means struggle, Jihad in Islam means “holy war”.  

In another speech delivered at the same rally in D.C, CAIR attorney Hassan Shibly states to the Muslim attendees “you are what made this country great.” He further states they must continue to fight for justice, not just for the Muslim community but for “humanity” and continuing the message of mercy that Mohammed commanded. 

 So what exactly is humanity and mercy in Islam? According to scholar Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid from the Islamic question and answer website, “The Islamic view of humanity is filled with mercy and compassion, and it cannot be otherwise, because the Islamic religion is the last of the religions that were prescribed by Allah, may He be exalted, and He commanded all of mankind to enter this religion. He revealed this religion and sent it down to the most compassionate of mankind, Muhammad”

 Muslims believe that Islam is the only way to achieve a just, humane society. From the same website it continues:

There is no comparison whatsoever between what this world has seen the “non-Muslims” do and what the Muslims have done. The two World Wars in which 70 million people were killed were “Christian” wars.

Then there is the occupation of Muslim lands and the exploitation of their resources, which was and still is happening at the hands of “non-Muslims” of all religions. This should be borne in mind when speaking of the Islamic view of humanity and of love and compassion. Fair-minded historians should compare the Islamic conquests of other lands with the Crusades, for example, and what happened in each case. They will see a clear difference between compassion and cruelty, love and hatred, life and death.

What was mentioned above about Islam and how it regards non-Muslims, and what was mentioned about rulings is the highest level of love, compassion and mercy. However, that does not mean that we should neglect some rulings that some ignorant people want us to neglect.

For example:  In Islam it is forbidden to love non-Muslims and take them as close friends. Anyone who has common sense can distinguish between kindness, fairness, compassion and mercy, on the one hand, which we have been enjoined to show towards a non-Muslim who is not in a state of war with us, and love on the other hand, which we are not allowed to feel towards disbelievers because of their disbelief in Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and because of their not being Muslims.”

If we just listen to their message we may believe they are about love, justice and peace. If we HEAR what they are saying, we will understand what is really the meaning behind their words.  

The third stage is upon us, will we allow it to continue to the fourth?


Entire videos here



It’s happening again. Some Metro Nashville schools are facilitating field trips to the Islamic Center of Nashville, which has many parents wondering once again, why the need to send school children to a mosque? What is the historical value of public school students attending this field trip? 

The Islamic Center of Nashville is hardly free of issues when it comes to supporting those with radical, anti-American,anti-Christian, anti-Jew sentiment. Below are just some examples of what this mosque has been involved in, including a video clip from a documentary titled Losing Our Sons. This is the story of a Christian young man who began attending prayers at the Islamic Center of Nashville, who then converted to Islam. Carlos Bledsoe of Memphis TN, who took the name of his Imam AbdulHakim Mohammed, was radicalized at the Islamic Center of Nashville. Carlos was sent to school in Yemen where he spent 18 months, 4 of which he was imprisoned, and upon his return to the United States,  on a mission from Allah, he opened fire on a Little Rock recruiting center, where he killed Pvt. William “Andy” Long. 

 Who is Abdulhakim Mohamed?  He was the Imam at the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN)  from 1999-2007  who came to Nashville from the radical Brooklyn Al Farooq mosque which had a documented history of raising money for terrorists and is the same mosque attended by the “blind sheik” who was convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

 This excerpt is just one example of the hatred towards Christians spewed by past Imams of the Islamic Center of Nashville, where Nashville public school educators think it’s a good idea to have a field trip.

In the spring of 2011 the Islamic Center of Nashville’s Imam Ahmed Mohammed, gave a lecture in Nashville in which he defended the Egyptian police forced virginity tests reportedly performed on the female protesters in Tahrir Square.  He also talked about honor killings and confirmed that they do occur throughout the Muslim world and even suggested that they used to occur in the U.S. but no longer because of how “crazy our moral ethics have become.”

He testified against the anti-terrorism bill during the 2011 legislative session and was also a participant at the TN Dept. of Homeland Security’s closed door June 2011 meeting with the Tennessee DHS Regional Advisor James Cotter. 


 Women that are not virgins are a cause of honor killings? Perhaps that mindset of a former imam at the Islamic Center of Nashville should sink in as your daughters attend a field trip to this mosque. This is the same imam that in 2012 invited students from Hendersonville High School to take the Quran as they exited the mosque. 

 The current Imam at the Islamic Center of Nashville is Ossama Bahloul – who hails from Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt – with a degree in Da’awah (prosletyzing for Islam; his thesis was the establishment of a Da’awah curriculum aimed at secularists, atheists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims)

Al Azhar is credited with starting the Islamist movement with training from Islamic radicals and closely tied to Muslim Brotherhood and stands for the propagation of Islam and Sharia as a complete way of life.

A mosques library often reflects the ideology of its leaders. Some of the books found in the Islamic Center of Nashville should be no surprise,considering how radical their past imams have been. 

Islam & Chrisitianity” by Mrs Ulfat Aziz-us-Samad (available now through Amazon):

            “Christianity is too other-worldy..The outcome of such a teaching can only be the production of stunted and contorted hypocrites instead of full grown human beings.

            “Christianity is seen as a corruption of Christ’s message and Islam as the true religion of Jesus”


Towards Understanding Islam” by Abdul A’la Mawdudi (also available through Amazon)

            “…jihad is as much a primary duty of the Muslims as are the daily prayers or fasting…The greatest sacrifice made in the way of God is jihad.  In it man sacrifices not only his own life and belongings, but destroys those of others as well”.


Veiling & Un-Veiling” by Hala Bint Abdullah (also available through Amazon)

            “The veil shall cover the whole body of the woman including the face and palms of the hands….Unveiling is a heresy, error and a violation of both the Islamic religion and the purified tradition (Sunnah).  It is an evidence that a woman who uncovers herself has a weakness in belief as it strips her from chastity and modesty…Additionally, uncovering takes away dignity and the granted legal rights from the woman, revealing of her private parts, exposing her shortcomings (faults)..A woman being unveiled will be in a state of rebellion against Islamic society…”

Still think a field trip to the Islamic Center of Nashville is appropriate? 

Speakers invited often to the Islamic Center of Nashville includes imams such as Siraj Wahhaj– who was raised as a Baptist but converted to Islam under the leadership of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. He is the imam at the al-Taqwa mosque in New York. He preaches that the U.S. should and will become an Islamic state because “Islam is better than democracy.” 

What does Wahhaj tell his audiences?

“Islam is better than democracy. Allah will cause his deen [Islam as a complete way of life], Islam to prevail over every kind of system, and you know what? It will happen.”
“If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us,” he said in 1992.
“You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” 


Read more on Sihaj Wahhaj here:

Another “friend” of the Islamic Center of Nashville is Memphis Imam Yasir Qadhi. Qadhi,  is a resident scholar at the Memphis Islamic Center and Dean of Academic Affairs, al Maghrib Institute. His media company used to sell recordings by the al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar Awalaki. Al Maghrib students include the Christmas Day bomber and convicted terrorist Daniel Maldonado. Qadhi is an International speaker and Holocaust denier, who says “we are loyal to our countries insofar as it does not interfere with our religion of Islam.”
Qadhi calls Christians and Jews spiritually “filthy.”

Qadhi also tells students the only laws that can be followed are those created by Allah, not man made laws such as the Constitution.

 There are many many more examples of how the Islamic Center of Nashville’s imams, supporters and friends are on a path that defies everything America stands for, including their anti Christian, anti-Jewish sentiment. Do not for one minute be swayed by the deeds they boast about, that is their means to cover the truth. 

What is said in public is one thing, what is said behind closed doors is quite another. 

Is this where you think your child should be taken to on a field trip? Nashville Metro schools think it is. 





America, I hope you are prepared for what lies ahead. 

A movement to resist, dismantle and destroy the United States as we know it is under way, under the guise of “peace”, “justice”, and “democracy”, but just who is defining what that peace, justice and democracy is?  The same individuals and organizations who promote the global agenda, but which group will ultimately win? The Islamists , Communists, and Socialists are all betting they will, and for now are all playing together. It really doesn’t matter who wins, the outcome will be devastating. 

Ibrahim Sulaiman, a modern day Islamic scholar has stated”Jihad is not inhumane, despite its necessary violence and bloodshed, its ultimate desire is peace which is protected and enhanced by the rule of law.”  Peace in Islam is viewed as the result of implementing Islamic law (sharia) which enforces laws to a violent extent. For example, if one were to steal, a punishment could be to cut off a hand. No one wants to lose a hand, so chances are thefts would decline. No crime, equates with a peaceful life.

 In one sense, Justice is often swift and harsh as a form of punishment. Justice also diminishes freedom of speech and expression, thereby claiming there would be no racial inequalities, or classes of society. Everyone is equal, well, unless you are a non Muslim, and then you are in a lower class. The fallacy of justice in Islam is it only applies to Muslims, so if you want to be treated justly, conversion is necessary.

This, taken from the website sums it up best. “Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with true democracy. It is a theocratic system with Allah alone at its head. Allah’s law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics. There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals.”

Muslims today use the art of deception (taqiyya) to portray Islam as a religion, rather than a complete way of life dictating every single aspect of your life. Islam today, is just as antiquated, violent and intolerant as it was 1400 years ago when their prophet Muhammad declared himself the messenger of Allah. 

 Today, Islamism, Communism, or Socialism seems like a perfect life for those disenfranchised with America, it’s an easy way out of the ethics and morals carried on for generations in our great nation. Scores of young people today believe working to accomplish goals and live a better live is a product of white supremacy, or privilege. What they dont know is under any of the isms above, their freedoms will be non existent, and so will the life they want handed to them.

 .Americans must accept the fate that lies before us, and rise. It no longer is if a revolution will occur, it is when.





Every Muslim living in the West will stand in the witness box in the mightiest court of Allah (SWT) in Akhirah and give evidence that he fulfilled his responsibility as witness against the people (SHAHADAH AL-ANNAS); that he left tone unturned to bring the message of the Qur’an to every nook and corner of the country where he used to live. This is his obligation to Allah (SWT). Muslims living in the Western countries cannot avoid their obligation to bring Islam to the people of their respective regions as long as they are living in these lands.”

                                                     Methodology of Dawa Introduction page VII

Dawa is a religious obligation for every good Muslim to perform. You better learn it. 

Dawa, or the proselytizing of Islam to kafirs (non-Muslims)  is the most dangerous weapon being used today by Muslims in America. First, let me say the obvious, Muslims are human, with all the characteristics that draw us to other humans. The difference is, they adhere to an ideology that is antiquated, violent,  seeks world domination, and is antithetical to our Constitution and way of life.

Throughout the last several years, Muslim leaders like the late Muammar Ghaddify, and the Muslim Brotherhoods spiritual leader Yusef Al Qaradawai have stated there is no need for war, with swords or guns, but rather war and power through the tongue, dawa. Today, Muslims in America are waging that war under the banner of interfaith. Working with others that seek to change the demographics and culture of the Western world, including the United States, they are winning. 

Why?  Muslims learned after the horrific attack on 9/11 that violence only brought anger, mistrust and disdain for their communities, so they became victims. Victims in America are always supported and vehemently defended. Portraying themselves as religious, pious people who are victims, Christians and Jews rush to protect them, ignorant of the doctrine that eventually will kill them. 


The 2016 election results were devastating to those who were on the path to completely destroying America, including Muslims, wealthy socialists, communists and progressives like the Clintons, Obamas and George Soros. So as to not be lumped into the same category of the three mentioned, Muslims decided to take a different approach..through dawa.

 In Tennessee, dawa is accelerating and spreading rapidly. Capturing the hearts and minds of those in the Buckle of the Bible Belt, will make other states easy to change, and fall. Leaders of churches and synagogues are succumbing to the deceit spewing from the mouths of Muslims, who plant the seed Allah is the same god as yours. (Dawa)

Who better to lead the Islamic charge in Tennessee than a man whose mosque was burned down, and has played the victim card ever since. (Yes, we condemn the actions of those who burned a building to the ground, and they are serving the time for that crime.) Daoud Abudiab, was the leader of that mosque in Columbia TN, and is the founder of the Faith and Culture Center in Nashville.  The Faith and Culture center is the headquarters for the dawa being performed by Muslims across the state. Sounds harmless right?  Until you know who Daoud Abudiab is.

Remember the goal of dawa is planting the seed of Islam through proselytizing, which Muslim leaders have said was more effective than using swords or guns to overtake a society. In 2015, Daoud Abudiab was discovered attending a Muslim Brotherhood conference, hosted by the Muslim Brotherhoods first and little known political party in America, called the United States Council of Muslim Organizations. (USCMO) Not only is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization in the Middle East, they are active in providing support to groups like Al-Qaida, and Hamas.

                                           Abudaib with known members of Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S


Daoud Abudiab is leading the charge of interfaith dawa deception, and supports groups that want to overtake America. His organization, the Faith and Culture Center is also supported by the Open Society Foundation, a George Soros entity, who also supports the demise of America. That is the “faith” portion. The “culture” area is tied to the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) whose purpose is to empower and unify refugees and immigrants, whether legal or not. Defending the rights of those entering America illegally, rather than those already here is also part of the resistance movement. Until just recently, Daoud Abudiab was the Director of the Board of TIRRC. The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is also a recipient of grants from, who else, the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. 






A perfect storm is brewing from a perfect mix of Islamic “victims”, a political theocracy called Islam, and the ignorance of those who believe it. Dawa is not only dangerous, dawa is the weapon killing us with kindness. 











“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.”  Sura 8:60


Sixteen years ago, I never knew about Islam. 

It was a crisp, sunny, autumn day in New York. The leaves were just starting to change, and the sky had a blue color only seen in parts of the Northeast in the fall. It was my first day of vacation, as my husband and I always took that week to go wilderness camping in the Adirondack Mountains. As usual, the television was on in the background, as I packed for the trip. Just as I was headed out the door to grocery shop, I heard “this is a special report”, which as a police officer, always caught my attention. I turned to watch a story that like millions of Americans also tuned in to Good Morning America, would never ever forget. An airplane had just flown into a sky scraper in Manhattan. My first thought was how could they ever fight such a fire so many floors up, and how tragic this accident was.  Thinking it was just that, an accident, I continued on my way to the store, praying for the people on that flight, and for the first responders, as it was a difficult call not only logistically, but mentally and physically.

I hurriedly picked up what was needed, and as I was checking out,  I mentioned the accident to the cashier. Her reaction was like many others I had told throughout the store,what a tragedy, and what could have happened to the pilot? I rushed back home and as I entered my apartment building I could hear the muffled screams coming from not just my television, but others that were on in the building. Once inside, the scene on television had shifted from the reporting of an airplane crash to chaos, and despair as people fled down the narrow streets, screaming as to what they apparently had witnessed. Another airliner crashing through the second of what we now know was the World Trade Center. The report suddenly switched to an anchor at the Pentagon, as another airplane crashed there. It seemed surreal, and at the same time, disbelief as to what was happening. Would another plane go down, and there  it was…in a field in Pennsylvania. 

The remainder of the day, we were glued to the television,as well as the telephone calling relatives across the country to make sure no one was flying that day. For reasons, we still cannot understand, we decided to continue our vacation to the mountains. Once there, we were completely out of touch with what was happening, as were the local residents and tourists. What were we thinking? After spending one long, restless night, we decided to get home. 

Once home, I called my station  to put my name on the list to go whenever the call for additional police agencies would come. I cancelled vacation and returned to work. I remember how different it was. Crime seemed irrelevant, as everyone was in shock. Who was responsible for this, and why?  Have you ever noticed  when outside, even when it is utterly quiet, there still is noise from airplanes somewhere in the sky? Not then. All flights across the country had been suspended, and the silence was deafening. The air just hung.. silent. 

Several months later, a seminar for law enforcement was being offered by two detectives from NYC on “terrorism”.  Lou Savelli and Pete Caram changed my life forever. I now had the answer to why those airplanes were hijacked and flown into buildings. Islam. I know now.

Sixteen years ago, 19 Muslim men brought America to its knees, following exactly what their prophet Muhammad instructed them to do.  Strike terror into the heart of the disbeliever.  That doctrine hasn’t changed, neither have the Muslims that adhere to it. To them, Islam is unchangeable, universal, and superior.   There is only one Quran, and one prophet, the same prophet and Quran that urges to kill the non believer, hence the attack on 9/11.

With the backlash that occurred to the Muslim community, came their realization that violence would not help further their agenda, but harm it. That agenda is a monumental religious obligation every Muslim must perform, to bring the world into the fold of Islam.   Becoming a victim as a result of that backlash would be their ticket for success. After all, victims are always embraced and defended, especially ones that claim to be pious. 

 Sixteen years later. We didn’t learn a thing, but the enemy did..kill them with kindness, and it’s working. 










The deceit from Muslims in America never ends as they solicit donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey under names, which ultimately connects to Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Self proclaimed Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour,  is also promoting a site called Colorlines that is filled with social Justice and special interest groups. Sarsour, who has no problem labeling people racists and bigots, divides the victims of Hurricane Harvey, stating minorities, or as she refers to them as”marginalized”, need special groups to help them since no one else is. 

Really? Perhaps her hate has blinded her as the many faces of Houston are shown on television everyday, which includes all walks of life. No one is being left behind because of their color. This is just another way of Islamists bringing down , and exploiting the same communities she claims to defend.

Another underhanded effort to raise money on Face Book is  called “Helping Hands Houston Volunteers”. At this time there is no website, but their facebook page urges people to donate funds to ICNA, also known as the Islamic Circle of North America. ICNA, whose goal is “to seek the pleasure of Allah … through the … establishment of the Islamic system of life as spelled out in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad” is also tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and is named as one of their “friend” organizations in a document that was presented as evidence in the federal governments trial of the Holy Land Foundation. See a complete dossier on ICNA here

Another site for donations, again promoted by Linda Sarsour. is the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund.

This group, as defined on their website which is hosted by the Texas Organizing Projects states “The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) works to improve the lives of low-income and working class Texas families through community organizing, and civic and electoral engagement. TOP is a membership-based organization that conducts direct action organizing, grassroots lobbying and electoral organizing led by working families in Texas.”

Another partner to this website is SEIU, a well known leftist organization. This isn’t about helping the victims of a devastating hurricane, it is about lining the bank account of groups that exist to resist and seek drastic change disguised as a grassroots groups. 

It is the American way to help others in times of tragedies, however, there are always those who seek to gain for their own benefit. Before giving to any charity, please do your research. Giving blindly to these type organizations only helps them continue their goal to dismantle and destroy America. 

As more groups are discovered, we will add them here as well as to dailyrollcall’s Face Book page



Never let a crisis go to waste. 

Muslims in Texas have opened their mosques to aid people in need of shelter and food. Sounds wonderful, and on a human level is it, too bad they view it as an opportunity to spread their word of Islam. They also have chosen to lie about the status of a Christian megachurch, stating it closed its doors on Texans needing shelter.


Belittle the Christians. All part of the plan. The following are excerpts from a document title the “Methodology of Dawa”

Making partners with God is totally in-conceivable and wrong. The concept of Trinity appears to be unreasonable and self- contradictory. We have to advance convincing arguments both verbally and in writing to fight against the dogma of the “human-God” of Christendom, innovated by the Jewish conspiracy against Prophet Jesus. If a proper movement is launched on positive lines for propagating and presenting the concept of Tawheed, pinpointing the inherent fallacies of Christian belief about Jesus, opening dialogues with priests and pastors and enlightening them with the evil consequences of their misconstrued convictions about the life Hereafter, there is no reason why positive response will not be forthcoming, at least from the moderate Christians and make others shaky in their beliefs. The concept of Tawheed will make inroads to their minds and hearts only when the centuries-old dogma of the “human- God” is shattered and demolished.”   (pg 85 )


pg 87


Opening the doors of their mosque is for one purpose, and only one purpose.  Dawa ( the proselytizing of Islam, an invite to join Islam). Dawa is a religious obligation for every Muslim, with the goal of bringing all people into the fold of Islam. While Muslims insist publicly their god is the same as all gods, the message within their doctrine is quite different. This is revealed best in the Methodology of Dawa. 

As discussed in the previous chapter, the Da’ee  (Muslim performing dawa) must leave behind some literature for his contactees. This literature would reject communism, capitalism, socialism and other totalitarian Isms and secular cults as a way of life with convincing arguments. Besides these topics, papers on various issues/problems that this country and its people are facing, showing how Islam addresses them, should be presented.”  pg 88


pg 107

Using every opportunity to spread Islam is paramount to a Muslim. Performing good deeds with the hope non believers will convert to Islam is the only reason they rush to help in times of crisis. While human nature is to help our neighbors out of love and respect, Muslims do it out of the need to create an Islamic society. 

Unfortunately masses of Americans will only see how nice Muslims are. The victims of Harvey will be sheltered, fed and looked after with kindness and generosity. But the ulterior motive is the danger. Most will never convert to Islam, but rather will align themselves with the Muslim community, supporting and sympathizing with them, agreeing those who speak the truth about Islam are wrong and harmful.   Brilliant. 

Dawa is equal to another dirty deed of society, called drug dealing. Supply those in need with what makes them feel better,and they become hooked.





It shouldn’t be very hard to understand what is happening in America. Mass confusion and rhetoric from all sides has left many disgusted and frustrated, so much to the point, it’s easier to shut it off, and tune it out. But, if there is one thing you must..MUST understand, is among the chaos and commotion, is a parallel society being formed by a faction of organizations and individuals under the guise of a religion. While Muslims across the globe are killing and maiming innocent people, Muslims in America don’t need violence, because we are handing our society to them on a silver platter.

What’s even more confusing, by design of course, is who else is in this battle. Groups like Antifa (Anti-Fascists) Black Lives Matter, and yes , Communist groups are banding together, protecting who they have defined as “marginalized”. Muslims love the fact they have these groups covering for them. Have you seen any Islamists involved in these skirmishes? Probably not since they are “peaceful”. Let the dirty, misfits of society do it for them.

 The global caliphate is underway, and yes America, we are in the grip of it’s dirty hands. While the climate in America is rife with hatred and division from leftists, Socialists and Communists, Islamists have promised peace, love and unity, so of course many are drawn to their ideology. Islamists are being embraced and accepted as they forge ahead with their agenda, which is the replacement of society with theirs.

An entire document is dedicated to this offense, laying out its goal methodically and meticulously. It’s titled:  An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America. This document was found during a raid conducted by the FBI in preparation for a federal trial against members of the terrorist group Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The contents of this document was accepted as evidence into that trial, known as the Holy Land Foundation.

The entire gist of their plan is this:

Let this sink in..”destroying the Western civilization from within”.  Their foundation has been being laid for years, but was accelerated during the Obama presidency, as he allowed terrorist organizations to settle in America, and even legitimized them. While portraying themselves as pious, tolerant victims, they share the same goal, which to them is a religious obligation. They believe, and promote, Islam is superior, and the world, especially the West, will benefit from becoming an Islamic state. 

So why aren’t they easily recognized as the enemy? Because they are adherents to a “religion”, and no one wants to believe a religion is sinister or deceptive. After 9/11, when 19 Muslims killed over 3000 innocent Americans, Muslims in America faced a backlash which was a set back to their goal of being viewed as peaceful. The only way they could recover was to become victims. Everyone loves a victim, right? Today, as they have advanced their victimhood, they are embraced and surrounded by those who believe we must accept and tolerate their beliefs, and those who do not, are labeled those dreadful words: Islamophobe, bigot and hater. No one wants to be labeled, as it can cost you your job, your family and friends, thereby creating a vast number of Americans who have succumbed to the enemy.

Labels are the new way to get everyday Americans concerned about supporting anything conservative, or contrary to what the left believes. Not only are we now bigots and hater..add nazi, fascist, white supremacist and nationalist. If you support the basic values of America, the Constitution, or the President of the Untied States, you have a target on your back. Everyone of these leftist groups has a mirror agenda, to alter the society, we know as America. An entire new generation is present in our country, and they want Americans gone. They want suppression of a culture built on Christian and Judaeo values. They hate our police and military. They have fallen in line with the Islamic way of life, where everyone is equal, one government  and one law. 

These are the Lefts heroes. No longer are they portrayed as the violent, lawless animals of society, they are now on a pedestal. All because they hate America as much as Islamists, Communists, Socialists and every other ist.


Wake up America, just because we won the presidency, do not think for one minute we are in control.

We are at war, and until we admit it, and act, we will be labeled  and silenced. 







Oh the irony. A “religious” group whose own doctrine reeks of superiority, is now demanding all symbols of what they say is “white supremacy”, and hatred be removed across the country. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), aka Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood, and a designated terrorist organization, is once again fanning the flames in what could be an explosive controversy. 

Suleiman, by the way believes homosexuality is a “disease” and a “repugnant shameless sin.”  which he then refers to the Islamic death penalty for the “people that practiced sodomy.”  Death for Homosexuals.. isn’t that hate?

While Muslims pretend to be pious, tolerant, America loving people, their Koran and other books reveal differently. Muslims believe if you are not a Muslim, you are inferior. 




If you are a non-believer, you are a loser. Kill the Christians and Jews! Do not become friends with Christians and Jews!

 Non Muslims are also divided into classes, and must pay a tax called Jizya.



In Islam there is also a class of people called Dhimmi’s


CAIR, the anti-American,  terrorist organization,  whose leaders are cowards, wants America to change. How is it we are allowing those who follow a doctrine that wants to kill us  alter our history? CAIR and many other Islamic groups are the enemy, yet so many continue to embrace them. 

Civil war is being fueled by Muslims who promote themselves as victims. By playing victim, they have garnered the support and sympathy of those who feel disgruntled and disenfranchised with their lives. Muslims in America want them to believe they all share a common bond, despite their adherence to a doctrine that will someday kill them. 

The chance for America to be great again is at stake as the left destroys and resists. True hatred is winning.

When will those who believe in America finally say enough is enough?

Will Coley -Muslim- Libertarian